This is a very simple stop motion program written in tcl/tk for use in Linux. It will probably run in other unixes as well. This program was originally written by Phillip J Rhoades and can be found here:

He released it under the GPLv3 license. His original version uses tvtime to capture the video and mencoder to encode it to an avi.

However, I could not get the tvtime program to work with the web cam I was using. It was not supported. However mplayer did work with my web cam. So I decided to make an mplayer version of Phillip's mystop program. Along the way to using it I also made the following changes to the script:


To capture a single fram just press the "Take Shot" button. It will keep a count of how many shots you have taken so far in the top yellow seciton. Ten shots make up a second of video (10 fps). If you would like to use the time lapse feature just click the "Time Lapse". That will take a picture every 5 seconds. Click "Time lapse" again to stop it. You can use any combination of single shots or time lapse shots. The counter at the top will continue to increment. Once you have enough shots click the "Make Movie" button. That will then prompt you for a file name. Give it a name with a .avi extension and click "Save". By default it will remove all the single png file after it creates the avi. If you woule like it to save them instead then change the "deletefile" variable from 0 to 1 in the script file.


If you have any questions are comments please email me at the address in the README file.

Download the program here: